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Tyler the Creator tells Kendall Jenner “Fuck You” At Coachella

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2015 Coachella Music Festival seen a lot of big names including the Jenner clan’s very own  Kylie and Kendall , Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid all stop in to see the stage performances of many artist like AC/DC, Jack White,Tyler Creator and Drake.

19 year old reality star and runway model Kendall Jenner, got in a bit of a quarrel with Tyler the Creator.

In the middle of his set, the 24 year old Odd Future artist, Tyler the creator  noticed Jenner amongst the audience and decided to call the blossoming supermodel out, grabbing the microphone to address her.

“Kendall Jenner here, thinking she cute and s–t,” the rapper said, pointing out the young star. “Hey Kendall, Kendall, Kendall… I’m over here to your right. F–k you.”


As seen in the photo graphed below, Jenner responded by flipping Tyler off.