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The fashion industry has consistently been at the forefront of modern history, setting new trends and giving people chances to express themselves through style.

However, for more than 50 years, the industry has largely favored towering and stick-figure girls when it comes to booking models, obscuring the opportunity for innovation.

Thankfully, the influence of social media has begun to change the environment and increase acceptance of women of all sizes and shapes. Marilyn Melo, a 5’4″ exotic beauty whose presence on Instagram and in the modeling industry has caused a stir, is one model who epitomizes this shift.

Melo, with her drop-dead gorgeous looks and perfectly matching curves, was scouted to model in a Philadelphia restaurant in 2017, breaking barriers in the industry’s perception of model height and body type. Despite her relative inexperience at the time, Melo’s unique and stunning features made her an instant success nationwide. She quickly secured jobs with major brands like True Religion and earned a place in significant runway shows such as swim week and fashion week.

After signing with the influential agency Wilhelmina Los Angeles, Melo’s beauty and style gained massive attention on social media, amassing an impressive and ever-growing following of 816,000 on Instagram.

As an entrepreneur, Melo has diversified her talents across various self-owned businesses, including her own full-service hair salon called Diosa, located in Philadelphia, and a complementary beauty line. Apart from her involvement in the glamorous world of fashion, Melo finds enjoyment in activities that reconnect her with her military roots, such as clay shooting. She also spends her free time engaging in uplifting endeavors like hiking and thrift shopping.

When she’s not strutting down the runway or posing for the camera, Melo assumes a different role—one of a role model. She actively contributes to the Melo Rodriguez Foundation, which she co-founded with her family, extending a helping hand to those less fortunate. Through scholarships, donations, and mentorship programs, the foundation focuses particularly on economically disadvantaged children in developing countries. This cause holds a special place in Melo’s heart, having witnessed poverty firsthand in her family’s home country, the Dominican Republic.

Chances are you’ve already come across Melo’s captivating photos on social media. However, there’s much more to this groundbreaking beauty than meets the eye, making Melo one of the most influential and inspiring models of the moment.