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Shadefiles: Mehgan James Says Draya’s Breakup with Orlando Scandrick is a “Publicity Stunt” “Can’t Turn A Hoe Into A HouseWife” | Video”

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Did it just get real?… Mehgan James is holding back no punches in her interview with HipHollywood she expressed her opinion on Draya and Orlando Scandrick’s on-again off-again relationship saying tis nothing more than a publicity stunt. Check out the video clip above!

“It’s all fake. They’re still together. She’s still living in house, driving his car, and…It’s a publicity stunt. That’s my opinion…The breakup, the makeup, the re-breakup, the makeup before that and the breakup before that, it’s fake. That’s just my opinion.”

Jackie Christie is present in the video as well broke her silence about the situation between Draya and her daughter, Chantel Christie, after Chantel said Scandrick was dating both her and Draya at the same time. Jackie said it did come out that Scandrick “was in the wrong.”

“It’s never been made public. That meant the world to me…Was for her and him to admit what really happened. Now, I just wish the best for them. I don’t deal with that situation. I don’t speak about it because I don’t really know. I don’t know what’s going on.”