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Sex, Murder & Money: Who The Hell Is Zola And Why Hollywood Knocking At Her Door?

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One thing we can always count on from social media is entertainment. Well, Twitter has did it once again. In case you have missed the trending hot topic, it is #ZOLA, a girl that most of America had no clue existed until she posted a recap of a wild trip to Florida that had a whole lot going on, including, BUT we are definite it wasn’t limited to: stripping, pimping, sex and (insert whatever you can think of that goes along with this lifestyle).

Zola recalled the trip about her, another girl named Jess, some black guy (whose name she still doesn’t know) and a suicidal boyfriend. Her tale garnered mass attention, including that of award-winning director, Ava DuVernay.

Zola Pattycakez

We can’t even hate, it did sound like a good urban novel. Read below and let us know if you agree.