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PattyTalk | Can Hair Removal Heighten Intimacy During Sex

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A recent study reveals what men and women think about pubic hair

The Huffington Post conducted a poll on a very interesting topic discussing pubic hair. Now whether you fall on the side of keeping it or cutting it all off the conversation has many up in arms on both sides. The research found that 41% of men prefer girls with full hair removal, 38% say they feel better with something short and trimmed and only 5% said they like the natural way.

In addition, a study conducted by the journal JAMA Dermatology the survey reported that 32% of women, between 18 and 65, shave because they feel more attractive and 21% said they did it to “please” their partner.  Gynecologist Tami Rowen, from the University of California in San Francisco, furthered this notion by a confirming  that women who remove their pubic hairs have more sex.

Moreover, the question was asked, although pleasing aesthetically; Is the complete hair removal hairful to the body? The psychiatrist and sexologist Walter Ghedin explains that people who opt for hair removal say they feel an increase in sensitivity and pleasure during sex.

“Skin-to-skin contact, with the removal of hair through, the skin pulsates a more pleasurable sensations. In the case of missionary sex position, in which the pubis rubs the clitoris during the movements of intercourse, the friction is direct and of much contact. Beyond the physical theme, the self-image has a very important influence, as they feel more attractive to their partners, “Rowen says.