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Retired Firefighter Finds Remains Of Daughter’s Sexually Assaulted And Strangled Body In New York

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Retired firefighter finds remains of daughter’s sexually assaulted and strangled body in New York

Retired FDNY firefighter, Phillip, reported missing daughter Karina Vetrano, age 30, missing at 5pm a few hours after not returning home after her usual jog in Spring Creek Park, Queens, NY only to find her sexually assaulted and strangled remains a mile from her home

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Karina Vetrano, pictured, vanished after jogging just off the Belt Parkway. Her body was found in a marshy areaShe was a keen runner and her Instagram account is full of selfies of her showing off her fantastic figure.

The retired firefighter, who happened to be in service the day of 9/11, was devastated after alerting the NYPD police chief who lives nearby, to find her cell phone next to a nearby bike path and later finding her body closer to the shoreline using police department bloodhounds. Not two weeks ago, she had walked the streets of Nice, France before the attacks began that killed 85 people. Karina Vetrano was a speech therapist and aspiring writer who’s instagram was filled with photos of her travels and Nice happened to be one of them.

Karina Vetrano was murdered near her home in Howard Beach, Queens, after she went out for a run on her own. Police say she was strangled and sexually assaulted

Social media trolls have been slammed online for suggesting a murdered jogger brought it on herself by going running in tight clothing 

Nearby residents from where the jogger disappeared, report that “hobos and bums” are known locally to stray off the bike path to be near the bushes. Even Vetrano’s father warned to not take that path. However, when he lead officers down the path she night have taken towards the beach, her phone was spotted and not far from there, her lifeless body was found near the beach among the tall grass.

Vetrano, pictured, was an avid runner and kept in shape by jogging every day. She was also an aspiring writer

NYPD patrol cars are seen on Wednesday surrounding the marsh where the 30-year-old's body was found on Tuesday night. Her father reported her missing after she didn't return home

NYPD’s chief of detectives, Robert Boyce, stated in a media briefing that the jogger had texted a friend when she was attacked and that they “were investigating anybody who uses the park” including two homeless men who reside in the park as well as checking security cameras from nearby homes to capture the killer. Allegedly, her body also demonstrated sign of “compromised” pants as well as markings indicating that she might have been sexually assaulted as well but no more was said on the matter by NYPD spokesman, Stephen Davis.

NYPD patrol cars are seen surrounding the marsh where the 30-year-old’s body was found on Tuesday night. Her father reported her missing after she didn’t return home

This map shows her body was found only a mile away from her home 


Vetrano’s neighbor stated that her father had warned her about jogging when the weeds were too high and even said, “You can grab that girl and we wouldn’t know it.” Even her old high school, Catholic Archbishop Molloy High School, that she attended in 2004 posted on their Facebook page, “We ask our Stanner family to pray for Karina Vetrano, Class of 2004, of Howard Beach, who suddenly and tragically passed away last night. She is the daughter of retired firefighter Phil Vetrano, Class of 1974. Please keep Karina and her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers at this very difficult moment.”

This map shows her body was found only a mile away from her home

Mr Vetrano has told his daughter not to run down the path near where her body was found - fearing she could be attacked by hobos and vagrants 

Her neighbors told reports that while having a Master’s Degree from St. John’s University, she was a caterer for Vetro Lounge in Howard Beach and an aspiring writer that will now be greatly missed.

Her father Phil, a retired FDNY firefighter who was working during 9/11, was with police when he made the devastating discovery

Mr Vetrano returned to the scene on Wednesday morning to speak to detectives just hours after he found his daughter dead