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Amber Rose Vs Khloe Kardashian…Who gon’ check me? Amber Rose fires shots at the Kardashians!

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So, incase you didn’t know (not sure how that’s possible) rapper Tyga has been dating the Kardashian posse’s baby sister,  Kylie. Well, recently, Amber Rose,  bestie of Tyga’s ex and mother of his child, Blac Chyna, expressed her feelings on it all in an interview with The Breakfast Club.

The bald beauty made it known that she couldn’t understand how the rapper left his ‘beautiful woman’ for a baby,  who by the way she said should be in bed by 7.

It wasn’t long before big sister Kardashian, Khloe, came in defense of her sibling saying that Amber obviously had a bit of jealousy for her 17 year old sister who had her life together,  and reminding her of now public info that Amber did strip at the age of 15.

From there things went downhill. Take a look at their heated twitter exchange.


Oh, and Amber had no chill on the memes.