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50 Cent’s GF Holly Is definitely ‘Bout That Life Video’s Surface Of Her Whooping some chick’s A$$ in da street!!

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Well it seems 50 Cent isn’t the only one that does not tolerate disrespect, from the looks of things his new model girlfriend apparently doesn’t either!

50’s new side piece is know around the modeling industry as Tatted Up Holly, but don’t let the cute vixen fool you she is definitely “bout that life”  recently some video surfaced online of the model putting them hands on some chick from the Bronx. 

Insiders say the female that Holly open up a can of whoop a$$ on is actually an childhood friend, Illiana, who allegedly ran off with Holly money and also exposed  photos on instagram of the Tatted Up Holly  before surgery and of Holly licking and sucking toes on Instagram Photos below!




Never before seen pic of Holly before and after her surgery




Shortly after the photos hit the web, the two females (…along with 50 Cent rooting for home team) were scraping in the skreets  form the video footage Miss Illiana definitely got those paws put on her.

Check out all the ratchetness below:

Holly, one with the blonde hair puttin’ in work



After the two females fought they both went straight to instagram to talk trash and post proof photos claiming no injuries from either party.