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5 fights You Must Have With Your Partner In Order To Have A Healthy Relationship

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Having static with your partner is not as bad as it seems because it makes that bond that much stronger. To consolidate a relationship there are a series of fights that take place for the relationship to maturate. We know it’s crazy to think that shortly after “knowing” someone you never truly finish meeting that person – so often times it’s hard to move in the direction of a lasting friendships without having faced situations as normal as the following. Take notes and check the ones you already passed!

Homework: Make it clear that just as there are men whose mother taught them to survive on their own, there are others who do not know how to boil a hot dog.

Obviously you will understand that there are household chores in which you or she will perform better than the other. Start first by reaching an agreement with her by assigning assignments and, please, be patient if even your more than 30 years is just learning. Yes, I know it gives anger, but tolerance.

If you live in your apartment or frequent hers, start practicing, you will not be disappointed when you decide to walk to the altar or live together.

“I’m not jealous”: Be careful if you’re one of those men who spend all day waiting for your girl to know who she’s leaving with, what she’s doing, what time she ended up at work, why she did not come home early … That tires any woman and we do not say that you neglect it completely, but if you really are very jealous, you must learn to handle that obsession because it is not healthy at all . Jealousy is a way of expressing that you value the other person; Nevertheless, everything has measure.


On the other hand, if it is her, put limits on it from the beginning. Let her know that if you are with her it is because you love her.
Another thing, limit the use of the mobile phones when you are together because always knowing what’s popping on social media through a touch screen kills any mood for the person sitting across the table from you at dinner.

Sex: As pleasant as it is, but over time it changes completely. At the beginning everything is based on exploring, knowing what excites and what works for your partner, how much experience you have and making the adjustments. After that stage, and you think you know enough, you spend incredible amount of time trying to get you partner to understand when you want sex.

Work, social and couple life: It all depends on the schedules they have in the office. Generally the best time to share is in the evenings, ideal for dining out, getting home, watching a movie and then going to bed or even hanging out with friends.

Late Arrivals: You hate the fact that your girlfriend tells you that she will be there around 7pm and always gets there an hour and a half later. Surely you will want to explode when you’re seated next to her a dinner table at your favorite restaurant , but do not express words that you will later regret.

Do not think that your sexual life will have that same scenario always because you will be very deceived. Lack of sex often ends in big fights and almost NEVER have a happy ending.

Where are you going to live? You know that a relationship is going well when your partner has the idea of ​​living together under the same roof, sharing their things and even withstanding your bad mood, and vice versa. If on the other hand you avoid when the subject all together, be sure that it almost a guarantee you have no future with this person.

Misunderstandings with the political family: From far or near? How do you love your mother-in-law? There is a grandmothers’ the idea that when you marry or you choose to live with your partner, the package comes complete: mother-in-law, siblings, cousins, uncles … it’s a combo deal! So exhausting that at times you will say to yourself: “what the hell am I doing with my life.