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$455 Million Palace | Check Out The Top 5 Most Expensive Homes In The World

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Top 5 Most Expensive Homes In The World

Les Palais Bulles (Bubble Palace) at $455 Million
Designed for the famous fashion designer, Pierre Cardin, this bubble palace is currently on the market at an astonishing $455 million! Located on the Cote D’Azur, the house contains 10 bedrooms, a reception room, a panoramic lounge, and an amphitheater for a whopping total of over 12,900 Sq. Ft. of living space! The land the palace is located on is also surrounded with gardens and pools spreading out over 8,500 Sq.Ft. of land!



2.) Gemini, at $195 Million
This “botanical oasis”, located in Manalapan Florida, is walled up to create it’s own private beach of 1,200 Sq.Ft. and surrounding gardens up to 15.65 acres of land and 84,988 Sq.Ft of living space! Although the price is set at $195 million, the price can be arranged upon request.

The property, Gemini, is being sold for $195million, making it one of the country's most expensive estates. There are a total of 33 bedrooms, 34 bathrooms, 13 powder rooms, and nearly 85,000-square-feet of living space in the town of Manalapan just 20 minutes south of Palm Beach

With a living space of 41,774 Sq.Ft., and the exterior mounting up to 18,700 Sq.Ft, it is no wonder that the Hillsboro Beach, Florida estate mounts up to $195 Million! Being the first French-inspired palace in the US, it was designed by fashion dynast, Joseph Leone. This palace includes 17 bedrooms, 20 full and 11 partial bathrooms, world’s first IMAX home theater, Go-Kart track, and ice skating rink, the home also includes it’s own private 4 acre beachfront, and a 30 car underground garage.

Sotheby's Int'l Realty

Sotheby’s Int’l Realty

4.) Mon Reve (My Dream), $150 Million
Built on the site of Barbra Streisand’s former land, the all new Beverly Hills, California located estate now includes 10 bedrooms, 20 full bathrooms, theater, and parking for 50 cars atop 38,000 Sq.Ft. of land for a mouth dropping $150 Million.

Not pictured in the listing photos are the property's tennis and basketball courts, movie theater, wine room, and lounge, the last of which the developer has dubbed "Club Mon Rêve".

Simon Berlyn

5.) Briar Patch, $140 Million
Compared to the other homes at the top of this list, this estate only has 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms over an 11.2 acre property with 2 residences. Putting the price aside for a minute, consider the fact that you would be neighbors with Steven Spielberg and Martha Stewart!

Christies Real Estate

Christies Real Estate