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Stacey Dash Clueless Star Still Clueless | Calls For Elimination Of Black History Month !!!!!

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So, incase you’ve been vacationing under a rock,  you’re well aware of the Oscar’s snub that has the Academy Awards not only trending,  #oscarssowhite, but a brewing boycott kicked off by Spike Lee ( I think he may have recanted, hmmm, you be the judge) and the lovely Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Smith released a video expressing her disapproval of the way the Oscar’s nominations were handled this year,  i.e no black artists are nominated from a much qualified pool of film,  including her husband.

Now,  as you may have heard, Janet Hubert, aka Aunt Viv had a nice-nasty and very personal clapback.

Yet, still,  it wasn’t her that had the internet in a conniption, it was the comments of the beautiful, yet mentally questioned Stacey Dash.

Dash made what had to be one of the most controversial comments of all her controversial comments.

Click the video.

Oh and don’t worry,  BET and Roland Martin clearly were on standby, just waiting.