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Nightlife: Strip Clubs Etiquette for Ladies | In Depth Look at Atlanta Strip Club Culture

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Atlanta exotic nightlife has it owns culture, and with every culture there’s are necessary and expected customs to the rules of engagement. To call these strip institution, mere clubs means you really don’t get it. It’s better suited as the trap’s hip-hop’s scenes, ultimate rite of passage for the legendary clan of hustlers and dreamers. These night spots are common place where fortunes rain from the ceilings, where women with outrageous bodies reign elite, and where the DJ who spins your disc is the ultimate gatekeeper. Talia Witherspoon explores the most important rules and etiquette for ladies that want to patron these nightclubs.


Witherspoon examines the dos and don’t for etiquette citing,

Do feel free to eat, drink and socialize. You’re at a club, so grab a drink, relax and have a good time.
Don’t drink too much and get so carried away that you start to take off your own clothes — you’ll need a permit for that. Unpermitted stripping, like touching the working girls, will get you tossed out.

Do feel free to chat up a guy you might be interested in, unless, of course, he appears to be mesmerized by the booty. In most cases, that’s not the case since many men will “dance” a girl – pay for a lap dance – without really paying her much attention. It’s an ego thing guys sometimes do to show whoever may be watching that they’ve got dispensable income and aren’t thirsty about a naked women gyrating in front of them.

Do time your approach when asking a girl to dance. Some of the popular ones may be hemmed up and unavailable, dancing up a storm for the guy who isn’t paying attention. Wait your turn, she’ll eventually take a break. When you do make your move, politely asking “Can I/he get a dance?” Unless she has another customer waiting, it’s highly unlikely that she’ll say no. For Full Story Click Here

According to the Talia Witherspoon Creative Editor at Parlour Magazine