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Khloe Kardashian Show’s Off her New EXERCISE routine. . . Called A$$ Up Face Down!! (Looks Painful)

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Earlier today on the gram Khloe Kardashian personal trainer Gunnar Peterson posted a video and pictures of her on Instagram, going hard in the gym today. Though the video is the workout guru showcasing his many methods of training , we couldn’t help but notice her amazing assets during her leg workout. All we could see is a$# a$# @$# and more a$# . ( D@@@@m# khloe) we know you’re single and loving it. Seemingly unbothered after recently breaking things off with known hip-hop recording artist French Montana for wanting to be around her to much, “#needymen” but come on guys could you blame him !!!!

Check out Khloe’s rump-tastic workout video above!