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Introducing The new Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet.

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Mercedes is synonymous with luxury, and they spared none of the lush and I cannot say that I am upset. The lavish automobile empire has released a new G650 Laundalet to the Maybach line. Boasting a massive amount of space and clearing nearly two feet off the ground, it compels to be more of a limousine instead of an SUV with seats deemed more comfortable than your bed.

Yep, it looks like Mercedes has found our G-spot and this sexy beast of a vehicle is doing a hell of a job stroking it. featured the beauty, referring to it as an ultra luxe G-wagon, and the amazing part of it is, that only 99 lucky souls will have the privilege of owning one.

Additional features that are stunning and anything but limited include the sunroof. The G650 does not have just any type of sunroof, but one that affords those that sincerely can benefit the luxury of an open top when cruising in the night, an experience of a lifetime. The front of the vehicle has a conventional roof, while the back seat enjoys the luxury of a folding rooftop.

Are you amazed yet?

I am sure you are. Read more of the extensive features.