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FINALLY! Black Culture done right, courtesy of Vogue Spain….Black Cover Model Rocking Cornrows

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As an unapologetic black girl, I along with every other black girl know and fully understand that our black is beautiful, our black is magical and all that other good stuff that I embody as a black girl.

So, you can imagine when we see other people borrow our culture and attempt to make it their own, we feel a certain type of way, and if you have even the smallest familiarity with twitter, you know they aren’t having that without creating a hash tag to express their disapproval.


Aya Jones on the cover of Vogue Spain (Vogue España)


When Vogue Spain released their March Cover with a model in corns…a BLACK model, in cornrows that is, every black girl shouted from the mountain along with our ancestors and rejoiced at the fact that someone FINALLY got it right!

THIS, Cosmo and every other site and magazine that has attempted to tell us how our culture should be displayed on women and men other than our own, is how you do it!

Yes, Vogue Spain, you are correct, black is beautiful. Cover model, Aya Jones, you are beautiful!

In the meantime, take a minute and check out this behind the scene pic of Botswana women putting in that work like our mama, aunts and sister used to!