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15 Insanely Fit Woman On Snapchat That You Need To Follow Right Now !!!

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Still on Instagram posting food porn and Hashtaggery well when you get done with that boring stuff head on over to

Snapchat and check out  these very personal snaps from these lovely women competing for our attention spans showing off some of the best parts of their body !!!

Lita Lewis: (Followthelita)

Word on the street is that this chick has some serious  kick ass boot camps in Brooklyn. The woman behind ThickFit is encouraging women to forgo worrying about being skinny and make it their mission to be strong, healthy and happy.


Ally Mello (allylynn34)


Ally was once called “the hottest ice girl ever” which means quite a lot in America. Google it.

Caroline Priscila (caroline_harco)


Brazilian figure competitor (it’s so what you want to hear, right?!) Caroline has a jaw-droppingly fit body and is a must-add on Snapchat.

Hannah Bronfman  (hannahbgood)

 Including Snapchat !

Lais DeLeon (nlaforher)


Fitness model DeLeon likes to post a lot of pictures of her steamy workouts. ’Nuff said.

Alana Blanchard (alanarblanchard)


This blonde surfing beauty has launched her own line of bikinis with Rip Curl.

Amanda Saccomanno (sacs90)


Saccomanno is a fitness model and a WBFF Bikini World Champion. But when you look this good who cares what she does….

Jeanette Jenkins

Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins Exercise of the day! Knee to nose to strengthen and tone your abs, obliques, arms and legs and improve your spinal flexibility! 6-10 reps x 3 sets!:
Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, the women has been a personal trainer to everyone, including Kelly Rowland (whose body is absolutely on point), the Mowry sisters, P!nk, and more. She provides fans and followers with hundreds of workouts to try, nutrition advice, and inspirational words.

Anais Zanotti (anaiszanotti)


Zanotti is one of the hottest female athletes of all time, and she has a professional skydiving career too I know right… Though now she has recently landed a modelling gig and is famous for her incredible body. Add her on Snapchat now.

Anllela Sagra (anllela_sagra)


Sagra is the latest in fitness models who are going crazy with Snapchat. We’re not complaining.

Kim Glass (itskimglass)


Kim is a pro volleyball player  and sexy Olympian. Her Snapchat account is full of hot pics, so check her out fast.

Sierra Quitiquit (sierraquitiquit)


Pro skier Quitiquit is newbie when it comes to Snapchat, but you’ll thank us later that you followed her.

Anastasia Ashley (anastasiaashley)


Pro surfer Ashley is as famous for her looks as her pre-competition twerking ritual.

Jhenny Andrade (jhennyandrade)


We love everything about UFC here at FHM – especially the ring girls. Oh and she’s Brazilian.

Leryn Franco (lerynfranco)


Franco is a Paraguayan professional pole vaulter. She just might be the hottest Olympian ever.


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