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Did Rihanna Make A Six Million Dollar Mistake????

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Unapologetic is Rihanna’s current album which was released in 4th quarter of 2012 but since then she’s has had no problem staying relevant with lued attire at award shows posing topless for Vogue, and having catty squabbles with other female artist over twitter. Her good girl gone bad routine has captivated the audiences for nearly a decade.
However, this scandal is definitely a story she probably wish she could avoided.

Photographer David LaChappelle who designed a striking light set for Italian Vogue.


LaChapelle is suing Rih Rih for $6.64 million claiming that Barbados native stole his lighting concept and used it in her “Rockstar 101″ single, which appeared on her 2009 multi platinum-selling album Rated R. As of yet the precise date hasn’t been determined when Lachapelle created the lighting design for Italian Vogue, but one things for sure the similarities are uncanny.


I hope bad girl RiRi still got some of them dollar signs left over since she didn’t have pay to pour it up…