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Baby, Let Me upgrade you! Does Blac Chyna have a new boo? (video)

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My setback may have amused you, but my comeback will definitely confuse you, the famous words of Blac Chyna, Tyga’s ex boo.
Ok, well, maybe she didn’t say that but, depending on how you look at she and Tyga’s breakup, maybe you can consider she experienced a setback of some sort.


Word on the street is the voluptuous mama is back on the dating scene and she’s scooped up emerging pro boxer, J’Leon Love. Pics hit the internet captioned “Tyga, eat your heart out”. Ok, Im lying about the caption, but they were mighty cute!

Oh, and did I mention J’Leon runs with Floyd Mayweather…the same one of the Money Team. I’ma just let that marinate.


One on one with my homegirl @blacchyna

A video posted by J’Leon Love (@jleonlove) on

Could This Be Love At First Sight? Check out video above and check it out yourself.