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Pattygurl | 25 Reasons Why You Should Follow Actress Draya Michele

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Introducing total smoke show Draya Michele, a superstar of a woman who has captivated us on a daily from her fierce business acumen to her gorgeous looks.

As a model, actress, and swimwear designer, she’s a triple threat With a seductive allure and an undeniable talent, Draya shines brighter than the rest.

Her sultry gaze and stunning curves command attention, making her the epitome of sensuality. But there’s more to this enchantress than meets the eye.

Behind her captivating smile lies the mind of a savvy businesswoman, fearlessly building her clothing empire and empowering the next generation of designers.

Prepare to succumb to Draya’s irresistible charm—she embodies beauty, brains, and ambition. Here are 25 more reasons to follow Draya on Instagram.