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New BET Show “Legacy” Sets the Internet Ablaze with Scandalous Love Scenes Starring Draya Michelle!

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Former Basketball Wives star, Draya Michelle, ignites the screens with her undeniable beauty and seductive talent. Having transitioned from reality TV to acting, she’s now breaking the internet with a sizzling love scene in her latest television series.

Draya is taking the entertainment world by storm in the new streaming sensation, “Legacy,” exclusively on BET+. Produced by the renowned Manny Halley Productions, this star-studded show featuring LisaRaye and Ving Rhames is already making waves in the industry.

Love Scenes That Leave You Breathless

The pilot episode of “Legacy” delivered a jaw-dropping experience as Draya unleashed her fiery chemistry with co-star Bart Fitzpatrick. Screenshots from their steamy encounter spread like wildfire, causing an online frenzy. Take a sneak peek and witness the scorching intensity for yourself!

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A Stellar Cast and a Plot That Grips

Manny Halley Productions is at it again, enchanting viewers with their latest masterpiece, “Legacy.” This BET+ gem boasts an ensemble of legendary actors, including Ving Rhames (known for Mission Impossible and Baby Boy), Lisa Raye (famous for The Player’s Club and All of Us), AJ Johnson (from Baby Boy), Draya Michele (featured in L.A.’s Finest and BET’s Tales), Barton Fitzpatrick (Power Book IV: Force and The Chi), Andra Fuller (True to The Game), Clifton Powell (BET’s The Family Business and CW’s Black Lightning), Jeremy Meeks (Dutch), and many more.

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Executive Producer Manny Halley promises an unforgettable journey, stating, “This series is one for the ages, leaving viewers at the edge of their seats from beginning to end. This is only the beginning.”

Unveiling the Dark Secrets of a Crime Dynasty

“Legacy,” created and executive produced by Manny Halley, with writing and executive production by Yolanda Halley, delves into the captivating narrative of the Simmons family. Guy Simmons, masterfully portrayed by Ving Rhames, rules the southern underworld as the patriarch of a notorious crime family. But when an unexpected gunshot disrupts the delicate balance of power, his two sons, Kevin (played by Andra Fuller) and Ty (played by Markice Moore), turn into fierce competitors, battling for dominance within the family.

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As Kevin, the son of Guy’s first wife Gloria (AJ Johnson), clashes against Ty, the son of his second wife Debra (Lisa Raye), their fight for control intensifies. Meanwhile, they must also fend off the notorious ‘Pack,’ a ruthless gang of young criminals once led by Ty. Prepare for a rollercoaster of revelations as buried family secrets threaten to shatter not only the unity of the Simmons family but also the very streets they dominate.

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Join the Legacy and Unravel the Secrets!

Manny Halley Productions, a groundbreaking independent film company, continues to redefine storytelling in its own unique way. With full control over funding, production, and licensing, they are revolutionizing the industry. “Legacy” marks their second television series, and if it’s anything like their previous work, it’s bound to leave an indelible mark.

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Are you ready to dive into the twisted world of “Legacy”? What do you think awaits the Simmons family as they battle for power and face their darkest demons? Share your thoughts and join the discussion at! Let the legacy unfold before your eyes.