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Zashia Santiago Opens About Being Pregnant At 15 !!!

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In an exclusive sit down with DJ Vlad model Zashia Santiago talks about the struggles of motherhood at the tender age of 15.

Born and raised in the unruly Miami Gardens area, stunner Zashia Santiago knows what it’s like to have to prove yourself at a young age while dealing with neighborhood violence. At just fourteen years old, the celebrity makeup artist dealt with the murder of a friend’s uncle over a Rolex. “He was coming out of town, came to visit – it was a holiday – and just because he wouldn’t give up his watch, that’s it. Lost a life, you know?,” she vividly recalls.

The Dominican, Puerto Rican and El Salvadorian beauty now looks at life entirely different, all thanks to her mom. Zashia gave birth to her now ten-year-old son at the age of 14, and her mother made sure to provide her with some tough love every step of the way. “My family and I don’t believe in abortions,” she explains. “I don’t know what it was in me – it could’ve been stupidity, it could’ve been God, it could’ve been just me being stubborn and thinking ‘I’m an adult and I can do whatever I want’ – but I was not letting that baby go. I wasn’t doing it, there was no way. And my mom was right there like, ‘No. You’re taking full responsibility for this one, baby. Sorry.'”

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Zashia Santiago In her Wild N’ Out T-shirt


Zashia Santiago