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The Other Woman | The Story Of The Lad Who Stripped Down Melania Trump

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The pictorial heard around the world and were identified as “The ones that can cost you the Trump presidency”, which, as we all know, did not happen. However, when the photos surfaced publicly, there was talk of a demand of 150 million dollars that would have presented the protagonist against the British newspaper that published them, but in the end nothing happened.

Now an interview was published in to the photographer who stripped Melania Trump, who turned out to be an old acquaintance of the Argentines. The 27 year old gentleman by the name of Alé de Basseville.
“Once, when I lived in New York in 1995, I was hired by Max magazine to make sexy photos of two models. One was famous, Emma Eriksson, and the other was totally unknown. It turned out to be Melania, “says the photographer, who claims to be a descendant of European royalty.
“From the beginning we had very good chemistry. She is from Slovenia, and in New York hardly anyone knows what that is. I knew the region perfectly, for my mother was Countess of Zagreb, who was part of the Balkans and today is the capital of Croatia, “adds Alé in the note.

“A professional photographer sends the models to a dream where they get lost and get the best of them.

The photographer has to draw a special, spiritual, different world, and when that does not happen, the photographs have no life. The photos were so perfect that you never got to think about Photoshop or anything like that.
The photos taken in 1995 but came to light when Trump was a candidate, 21 years later.


The photographer sold them even  at the risk of lawyers of the now President of the United States asking what he would do with the photos.

“There was a lot of talk about the photos and it was said that the Democrats were going to use them politically, but nothing happened. After all, they are photos without provocation and without bad wave. In short, I would say that the story between Alé de Basseville and Melania Trump was a very professional and happy ending “, completes Juana Viale’s ex, the guy who ruined Mirtha Legrand one summer.
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