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Wait a minute!!! Did “Birdman” Lil Wayne’s Daddy Molest Lil Chuckee???

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Birdman has been pretty hot in the news lately. We recently reported the throw down that took place between his alleged boo, Keyshia Cole and his ’employee‘ at his LA penthouse. Well, now its rummored that Birdman is under fire with a lawsuit by one of his former artists, Lil Chuckee, who was signed to Cash Money Records at the age of nine.
According to reports, this is what Lil Chuckee’s lawyer had to say:

“He met Lil Wayne when he was nine and was repeatedly fondled by the time he was twelve by Cash Money Records CEO.

Everybody has seen the Birdman kissing Lil Wayne picture and can see that we have a case. Wayne was only eighteen in that picture. It started with a kiss and ended with sex.”


Wow! Those are some pretty strong allegations. Do you think they are real or nah?