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Travis Kelce Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Poses For Sizzling Bikini Shoot, And We Have The Pics To Prove It.

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The internet is buzzing about about Kansas City Chiefs star player Travis Kelce and his new girlfriend, model and personality Kayla Nicole, and they’re giving the Pro Bowl tight end major props for landing a lady with beauty, brains and personailty.

Out of the plethora of Instagram celebs who refer to themselves as “media personalities” most have little or actual no on-camera experience. However Kayla’s assertion has teeth. Since 2013, Kayla has steadily improved her front-of-the-camera resume. If you visit her old YouTube account in shows a young Kayla hosting events, working the red carpet, interviewing celebs and even attending New York Fashion Week for her own vertical, Kayla Nicole TV, and for fashion website Fashion Reverie.

Kayla’s red carpet work seems to take a backseat to her modeling. She has nearly 4,000 followers on Twitter and almost 10 times that on Instagram. Whether modeling hair, fashion, swimwear or activewear, whatever Kayla posts to Instagram seems bank for thousands of likes: