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Suliman Facet Hasan & Marcus Blassingame Allegedly Swindling Models For Money

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Suliman Facet Hasan & Marcus Blassingame Conning Models

The urban modeling realm has been turned upside down in the last few years suffering huge scandals left and right and today, news of another scam surfaces, reports of the involvement of the industry two major players were allegedly grifting models over 50 models for huge lump sums of money, while capitalizing on their stolen pictures.

According to a model who has chosen to remain anonymous, Black Men Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief – Marcus Blassingame – and celebrity photographer – Suliman Facet Hasan (both previously dubbed the gay Black Bonnie & Clyde) – are using their positions to take advantage of both up-and-coming and established models.

According to a source payments were made to Suliman Facet Hasan five-hundred dollars for a two day photo shoot, set to happen during Houston’s All Star game weekend. We’re told she was promised the 150 images – including “two looks” – would be relayed to Blassingame, who was to use a chosen set for a Black Men Magazine spread. But, the shoot never happened. Know why? Because our source says after her deposit to Facet’s account cleared, not only did she not hear back from him — she also discovered the Facet Hasan-Blassingame pair have long been conning other models, like her, out of their cash.

“Facet told me he would publish my photos when I paid. He lied, like he did to fifty other models.

I didn’t know Facet was on the rip off report. I found out he was slime after I paid him a deposit of five hundred dollars.

Facet is ripping off models that f–k with DJ Kay Slay too.”

This isn’t the first time Suliman Facet Hasan has been accused of such. Back in 2009, FlixChick Sonia Mckie took to YouTube to expose the photographer as a “shady” individual with “poor business dealings”.

Here’s was Sonia Mckie revealed:

“I’ve sent him celebrity clients, I’ve sent him clients that have paid him a lot of money, I have had three other photo shoots with him – which I paid. And, I might add — all three photo shoots, I can say I’m missing one or two more pictures that I paid for, but never received.”

Other reports say  Suliman Facet Hasan may soon be forced to face a class action lawsuit — as an additional alleged victim steps forward. This latest model says she paid photographer Suliman Facet Hasan for a session — only to later have him attempt to have sex with her during the shoot.

Now, the model is said to have joined forces with the list of other alleged victims who say they’ve been scammed by the photographer.

Here’s what the model – who chooses to remain anonymous – had to say about the alleged incident:

“We need to collaborate and file a class action lawsuit. I was also a victim of Hassan. Hasan tried to f*ck me! He rudely and aggressively kissed me at one point of the shoot. When he saw my reaction to his shady move, he quickly said ‘I was trying to add passion to our shoot.’