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Bodies like Shena Renea’s are the reason White lace lingerie was invented.

We recently had a chance to speak to the blossoming model and wanted to hear her take on entering the urban modeling industry thus far.


Pattycakez: How do you feel about the term Urban model.

Ms. Renea spoke candidly

“It’s unfair. It’s amazing that a Victoria Secret model an a “Urban” model can do the exact same photo shoot but yet only one of them will get praised for it and I guarantee it won’t be the Urban model”.

The term Urban modeling does not bother me as much as it should since it’s a term I’m use to hearing although it can hold some negative connotation to it.

 I consider Urban modeling art. People don’t see the hard work, time and effort that goes on before the model steps in front of the lenses. Anytime you constantly Study and try to perfect your craft, then it’s art.



Many have said that they feel urban models are the same as adult entertainers such as strippers and porn stars. I personally feel that there is a very fine line separating the professions depending on the situation. What are your views?
I honestly do not feel like being a stripper and a model/video vixen is the same thing. I feel like stripping is an means to an end while modeling is a career in which you want to continue to progress in. Neither occupation is better than the other one since I believe that both modeling and stripping has it’s pros and cons. There is enough money to be made for everyone,But at the same time women need to know their value and worth when it comes to this industry, heck in ANY industry. You have to always be on your A-game in order to stay ahead of the competition.
How do you feel about the lack of recognition urban models receive in the mainstream media ?
I honestly do believe that people will try to place you in one category and keep you there. But it’s up to myself to want more for myself and to keep pushing forward until I break through that glass ceiling and reach the goals that I set for myself.
Have you experienced photographers abusing their power with vulnerable models, not getting paid for gigs?
 I have never experienced and unprofessional photographer as of yet.
Whats your favorite television show?
My favorite television show right now has to be “Being Mary Jane.” I love seeing successful women dealing with real issues on television. My favorite classic movie is a tie between : Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Night of the Living Dead.
Whats your favorite music artist ?
My favorite rapper right now is Wale and my favorite singer is Musiq Soulchild.