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Rob Kardashian’s Entire Family ‘In a Bind’ About His Surprise Relationship With Blac Chyna !!!

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Soooo, i’m guessing Rob Kardashian is pissed with his sisters or nah?

Word on the street (they kinda put it out there, so does that make it a rumor? ) is that the newest couple is… wait for it…Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

The hell?!

Chyna, so thats how we do?

Where do we start? Her son’s dad dipped for the underage Jenner and she came back like a savage.

I’m lowkey over here yelling, ‘yesssss, Chyna!’


Lowkey, now.

But anyway, it looks like Rob one-upped his sister Kim, and broke the Internet, which has been going crazy wit memes.

Have you seen them? What’s your favorite?

Think its a publicity stunt?

Oi, the many questions!