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Roast Session: Safaree Gets Clowned on ‘Wild ‘N Out’ About Losing Nicki Minaj To Meek Mill !

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Earlier this week, Safaree initially set off a firestorm via the web when he dropped his track “Love The Most,” about his former fiancée, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to respond to the allegation that she was unfaithful. in their 10 year relationship.

Fast forward a week later , Scaff Beezy stopped by MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ and just couldn’t escaped the massive roast session from his peers about his prior relationship with the “Nicki Minaj

The video above shows it all, after T Pains verse it gets pretty brutal ” Chicobean asserts, “…Boy your rhymes are old than Atari / You’ll get left like Nick left Safaree…”

Check out the full video clip above to witness all the foolishness