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PSA: Don’t worry about Blac Chyna; Mama Chyna Aka TokyoToni says mind your business !!!!!

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I find it useful to always start my day off with a few wise words to get in the right frame of mind. Here are a few I came across today:
“…I say to everyone, “do you, and do it until it’s all gone or is done and over with…it takes 3.9 seconds off your life of stress by doing so. “

Those words were brought to you by Tokyo Toni, the mother of none other then the bodied bombshell,  Blac Chyna. Those were actually just a few of the many words she handed out to meddling fans concerning her daughter’s alleged relationship with atlanta rapper,  Future. The relationship which assumingly led to her latest tattoo, but was completely denied by him.

Hmmm…oh, ok.

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 2.19.25 PM

Of course social media immediately launched a roast of the former dancer.
Well, just like any mother, Tokyo Toni protected her cub, telling followers to mind their own business!  She even gave them a piece of her mind concerning separate comments directed towards Rick Ross’ ex-fiance in which it was stated that Lira Galore wasn’t marriage material.

Oh, my.


What do you think of Blac Chyna’s mom’s response?


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