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PSA | Comedian Lady Nicole Arbour Launches Full On Attack On ‘Instagram Models’

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I know what thinking who is Nicole Arbour ?

I’m wasn’t sure myself but, after viewing this video she definitely our radar now.

She’s been causing quite a stir online with her latest YouTube video, ‘Dear Instagram Models’.

The video, displays the comedic Youtuber/ dance choreographer,slut shame women who she identifies ‘Instagram models’ – women with their boobs and ass all over the net.

Her rant is a full on attack on instagram models who she calls ‘do nothing’ bitches, a term UFC mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey coined, the term defined for women who’s only interested in looking for rich suitors to purchase nice things for them. Arbour says she’s tired of seeing these women and their semi-nude bodies plastered all over social media every day. As she puts it, ‘I can’t come on the internet without seeing your titties’. She says:

It’s funny watching Instagram internet bitches post photos of their Louis Vuitton bags and Chanel shoes with #blessed but they’re never showing the old man’s balls they’re sucking who #blessed them.

  Interesting enough she has been met with some criticism because she often post raunchy photos of herself on Instagram as well, but she’s not out to start trouble with women who flaunt their body, but rather the ones that don’t have anything else going on in their career beside that  ‘do nothing’ as she would say,  bitches who have no ambition or goal beside finding a rich man to maintain their sudeo illustrious lifestyle. She  wants all women to aim higher.