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Your Next Dream Car The Bac Mono

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Everyone who knows cars gets that sports cars just aren’t race cars, no matter how tempting that 170 mph is. Britain’s Briggs Automotive Company may have created the perfect balance. To make it street legal, the one-seat dream is little more than a race car with fenders and lights. Since it weighs only 1,279 pounds, those 305 horses from its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine can launch the nimble little beast to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.

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The car was originally inspired by sci-fi loving engineers.“Mono makes me feel like a kid in terms of joy, and like a professional athlete training for the sport of racing,” says CJ Wilson, Los Angeles Angels pitcher and owner of CJ Wilson Racing, who drives a McLaren P1 and has ordered his own Mono.

(Photos- Courtesy of BAC Mono) 3



The aerodynamic bodywork, is a similar to anyone acquainted with the kinds of racecars that serve as stepping stones to IndyCar and Formula 1 but now with significantly more elbow room. The seat skims just an inch above the pavement. The controls and instruments are installed directly in the steering wheel, which is removable.