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Drugs Coverphotos / Rachel Kaplan
creative direction / Louise Chantal
image consultation / David Mansion
makeup / Theo Turner
hair / Christine Ruzzile 


After getting a boat load of fan mail requesting us to interview female singer Louise Chantal we finally got the hint…and we’re sure after taking one glance at her, she will be engraved in you memory cells for years to come.

Bred in London, the 20 year old New York City-based model,singer and songwriter is among a recent influx of hipster artist doing electro-R&B and pop. She falls somewhere on the continuum between Azealia Banks and KELELA. With her buoyant tress of aqua hair and her proclivity for immaculate opalescence to mystify, she’s mesmerizing on all accounts. Thank god, her music is just as hypnotizing as her appearance.

“Drugs” is a mid-tempo, atmospheric electronic pop jam which features glitching ATL style trap beats over dusty synths.

When asked what was the story behind the song Chantal answered graciously

“I wrote drugs about the inner battle of vices versus virtues, and what it’s like when you make the decision to let a vice go and have to let someone you care about go in same the process in order to free yourself completely,” Louise tells us of the swirling track.
Her new EP, Welcome to Aranbi, is due out in 2016, so keep tabs on this one… that is, if photos havent lured you in.
Take a peek below:


Welcome to Aranbi, is due out in 2016