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Kylie Jenner Puts An End To Butt Enhancement Rumors!!

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The Kardashian and Jenner gals know how to stir up the internet. Well,  it looks like the youngest of the crew, Kylie Jenner,  is in the media’s spotlight once again, however this time it is not concerning her controversial relationship with rapper, Tyga. Instead, the focus is… wait for it… her cakes.
Anything about these ladies will distract the world and get us talking, right?
Well, the young beauty made it clear, despite the allegations from fans and haters alike, that she is noticeably wearing butt pads, she is actually wearing Spanx. In fact, if you are in the market for these miracle undergarments, she was kind enough to share the link for your convenience.
According to the creator of Spanx, via the official website, the product was created out of the necessity to provide a smooth look underneath clothing.
So, what do you think? Has Kylie slipped another surgical procedure in the mix or do you think she she has revealed another way to enhance the cakes without undergoing the knife?