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Nothing New Under The Sun: K. Michelle Accused Of STEALING IG Model’s Photoshoot Concept For Nude Album Artwork!

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K. Michelle Accused Of STEALING Model’s Photoshoot Idea For  Nude Album Artwork!




R&B songstress K. Michelle’s booty-ful new pictures from her latest album’s art work ” Anybody Wanna By A Heart” hit the streets today.After revealing the new photos the internet went crazy…but some people have a very different feeling about the photos in question. Infact one no so happy models screaming THIEF!!!!!!!

While K.Michelle was busy hitting the streets on her promo run for her new album released today, The model named Lady Tatyana was torn from what she witness after uncovering the album Michelle’s cover booklet. Her and photographers Monhandworks concept was allegedly jacked. Over the years we realize that its nothing no under the sun so were not surprised that K.Michelle wasn’t the first person in the world with the idea to stick roses in her ass and call it art.


Take A Look At The Photos Below And You Tell Us What You Think?


IMG_4917_zps0fb4b317 IMG_4918_zpse48db628




Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.21.48 PM


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