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The Jigg is Up: Selena Gomez cozies up with Chief Keef (Hoax)

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Selena Gomez cozies up with Chief Keef Yeah Right…

Selena Gomez chief keef


The internet turned upside down when Disney star, Selena Gomez turned pop sensation just might be taking a walk on the wildside- well-kinda.
The young beauty, who is as well the on- again, off-again girlfriend of Justin Bieber was believed but many to have moved on. Earlier this week an image spread out of control on IG and said by many to be released by her camp of  her and none other than Love Sosa rapper, Chief Keef. Suspectedly, the two were on a date, and judging from the picture, they were very cozy. Garnering loads of attention, It is now being said that the image is indeed photoshopped but of course that did not stop it from making its rounds on the web.

Take A Look For Yourself !


Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.40.06 AM