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Jenna Shea Speaks On Tyga: That $hit Gave Me a Bladder Infection and She’s “Team Chyna”

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Legendary urban model Jenna Shea interviewed with Kay Slay and the rest of the team over a Shade 45 and was asked her take on Tyga and Kylie Jenner relationship. Although she feels it’s she has no problem with it, she also acknowledge that she’s older than tyga and dated him also when he was 17 and know one commented on their relationship. 

Shea, stated

“I’m a few years older than him and I was with him when he was 17,” and , “pedophile ” and all that bull $hit that their saying is a double standard, ain’t nobody came for me i’m not in Jail” She continued to chat about her and Tyga’s relationship and how they meet at the mall which led to her ultimately meeting Lil Wayne.

She also spoke openly about the first time she had sex with Tyga in detail very graphic  in which she describe his “Johnson as being so big she had to stop fooling around with him and that it gave her a bladder infection. Catch it all in the video above.