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Cardi B and City Girls Released Their New “Twerk” Video and Lets Just Say It’s Literally Insane

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Cardi B and City Girls released their new “Twerk” video, but let’s start from the beginning.

Who remembers a few months back in November, we Reported that the City Girls issued out a challenge to the world. That they wanted to find the best twerker in the world and would had her $25,000, because why the hell not?

After the challenged was made they threw all of these women together to make one insane music video, and seriously you just have to witness it with your own eyes because there aren’t any words to describe how over the top this video is.

This is literally the craziest thing ever. Cardi B fully naked ! In body paint! Topless Women twerking on a yacht! Women twerking all over Miami!

One girl literally smoked a blunt while twerking “UPSIDE DOWN”!

I mean….let just say Miami music pioneer Uncle Luke from 2 live crew, would not be disappointed.