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Aston Martin Shows Designs For An Off Road Futuristic All-Terrain SUV

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Aston Martin’s latest design concepts for an all-electric SUV uber-luxurious Lagonda marque is seriously a sight see.

2019 Geneva motor show was the backdrop for the debut of Lagonda All-Terrain Concept, and to no surprise the design was much further along than the renderings conceptualize the year before.

With the design still maintaining its sleek, aerodynamic lines and Rolls-Royce-esque suicide doors It’s still very much meant to be an off-road luxury UTE.

The interior is other worldly the design sets the dashboard as gigantic steering wheel that surrounds an integrated digital gauge cluster.

Levitating car key other reports state totally autonomous driving, while front seats can tune 180 degrees facing the rear seats while in the driving mode.

Aston Martin hasn’t reported performance specs yet, But we hear the Lagonda All-Terrain concept won’t enter production until around 4th quarter 2022 and that’s at it’s the very earliest.


Who can’t wait to see the car on the road?