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While beach season is upon us,many of you guys didn’t get the memo and still haven’t started working out or eating cleaner for persistent this shirtless season. If you’re one of them, it’s time to get serious and tighten that tummy. Follow these simple to do tips, and walk the beach confidently while enjoying the little bit of summer we have left.


1. Wake yo ass up….
Getting an earlier start on your day by exercising before breakfast. Perhaps a quick run in the park walking to work, forces your body to targeted stored fat for energy. Otherwise perhaps you choose to say in bed  and figure out some creative ways you and your girl can burn off some calories “wink, wink”.

2. Pump up the volume.
Brunel University did a study a few years back proving that listening to music will make you exercise 15 percent longer. And the longer you train, the more fat you’ll burn. Simple enough right.

3. Pack your bag.
Adding extra weight to your backpack. A report in the American College of Sports Medicine found carrying a heavy bag increases your daily fat-burning by 30 percent.

4. Fuck simple carbs.
US fitness guru Tim Ferriss says the best way to slash the fat is by putting to rest the white bread, rice, pasta and regular potatoes. Although you still need carbs, just opt for more complex varieties in smaller portion like sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice.

5. Eat grapefruits.
Grapefruit has been know to  reduces your insulin levels (the chemical process that makes your body store fat).

6. Trash the bad stuff.
A study in the journal Appetite revealed that office workers who had chocolates on their desk ate 5 percent more food per day than subjects whose sweets were stored away. So keep unhealthy food out of grabbing distance

7. Water, water, and we forgot to mention more water 
When boxer Amir Khan needs to strip fat fast, he drinks water by the tons…figuratively speaking… A German study showed drinking lots of water increases your basal metabolic rate – how quickly you burn fat when you’re not exercising – by 30 percent.

8. A little cinnamon here and a lot of cinnamon there.
Sprinkling cinnamon in your smoothies will reduce insulin surges which encourage your body to store fat and ramp up your metabolism.

9.  Dried Fruit’ God’s Gift From Heaven .
Dried fruit are a good source of fiber in addition to being low in fat, so it’s the perfect snack to keep you from a full on raid at the vending machine.

10. Stop drinking those extra calories.
A 20 oz Coca Cola has over 240 calories so it’s easy to blindly drink yourself fat. Choose a low-calorie green tea, or a dark cup of coffee instead.