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Pattygurl | 25 Reasons Why We Can’t Get Enough Of Girls ‘Butt Over Back’ Shot

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“Throw that a** back” may be a popular saying amongst it’s hip-hop constituency, but when put into everyday application it’s hard not too see why this Booty-ful pose has gained popularity amongst video vixens and social media darlings ?

Pattygurl Abigail Ratchford has made it her signature go to and Kardashian Klan Kylie Jenner has shown us, why the “butt over back” (B.O.B.) pose is God’s gift to mankind.

Note If you havent mastered the one handed side selfie this move is not for the faint of heart; Just check out how masterful Abigail emphasizes the curvature of the cakez, by positioning it over the back, can we give her 5 stars.

Take a look below and view 25 more starlets demonstrate just how it’s done.

Which girl has the best had the best Back Shot? Who did We miss?