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IG Model Tavi Badiee met a tragic end in Atlanta this week!

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Tavi Badiee, whose real name was Tisha Brodie, passed away earlier this week. In recent years, several IG models have lost their lives in unusual circumstances or due to bizarre incidents. Unfortunately, Tavi Badiee became the latest victim in this unsettling trend.

The circumstances surrounding her demise appear to be particularly sinister, as she fell victim to a fatal shooting. Authorities suspect that this was a targeted attack.

Tavi Badiee, who recently celebrated her thirtieth birthday, was a prominent figure in Atlanta. Many women flock to Atlanta to pursue their aspirations, and Tavi Badiee caught the attention of influential individuals in the city through her Instagram presence.

Regrettably, the same attention that brought her recognition may have contributed to her untimely demise. At the age of thirty, Tavi Badiee, also known as Tisha Brodie, should have been enjoying life. Instead, her loved ones now face the somber task of preparing for her funeral.

Tavi Badiee was driving in Atlanta around 4:30 am yesterday morning when tragedy struck. She became a victim of a fatal shooting during her outing, prompting an immediate investigation. According to authorities, the shooting targeting Tavi Badiee.

As a precautionary measure, the authorities closed down the highway. Due to the presence of multiple shell casings, they suspect the possibility of multiple shooters. The reason for someone harboring such intense resentment towards her remains unknown.