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ChattyPatty | In-Depth Look At The Beef Between Jim Jones and Pusha T

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In this comprehensive examination, we delve into the ongoing feud between two prominent figures in the music industry: Jim Jones and Pusha T.

Jim Jones recently released a scathing diss track directed at Pusha T. The track, titled “Summer Collection,” serves as a direct response to Pusha T’s previous release, where he delivered some bars seemingly aimed at Jim Jones.

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Pusha T delivered a series of verses that appeared to be directed towards Jim Jones.

beware of my name that
there’s delicate you know I know where
you’re delicate / Crush you to pieces I
hum a breath of it I will close your
heaven for the hell of it
amongst veterans I’m watching your Fame
Escape relevance
under inspection the question marks
block your blessings there’s no
tombstones in the desert I know by now
you get the message

In this retaliation, Jones pulls no punches, expressing his thoughts with unfiltered lyrics.
Capo hopped on the same beat and fearlessly delivered some crazy bars in his diss track, including:

“But that’s the treatment endured by the oppressed. My name holds significance, yet it lacks the resounding acclaim. They speak of the rapper who emerged, but we have yet to witness his true abilities. Sending additional verbal blows, Jones masterfully crafts his lyrics. The only dispute you know [ __ ], always spewing that [ __ ], which was utterly devoid of merit. Retrieve that [ __ ] and retreat, as your brother assumes the role of a rapper. What are you attempting to accomplish? What happened to the artist you once were?”

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In “Summer Collection,” Jim Jones raises various points. He draws a parallel between the mistreatment of slaves and how individuals like himself are treated. He emphasizes that while his name is known, there is a lack of acknowledgment for his skills as a rapper. Jones criticizes Pusha T’s music, referring to it as subpar and urging him to reconsider. Moreover, Jones questions Pusha T’s loyalty to his own brother, wondering about the intentions behind his actions.

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This beef is getting interesting, hopefully, it stays on wax. I don’t know guys who you got for ROUND ONE?