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Pattygurl | 25 Reason To Follow Halle Calhoun

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Halle Calhoun is an Atlanta-based model. She can be seen on Wild ‘n Out on MTV.

Halle is an undergraduate at The Art Institute of Charleston, where she majors in fashion marketing and management, according to her Twitter account. She is a model as well, and she frequently uploads pictures to Instagram showing off different clothing and bikinis.
Calhoun frequently appears on Nick Cannon’s hit MTV show Wild ‘n Out. In addition, she appeared in the short film “Deep” with the rappers Dr. Dre and Fat Joe. She recently appeared in the music video for “All Night Long,” a song that Trey Songz and YFN Lucci collaborated on.

Calhoun was often sighted with R&B singer R. Kelly in the summer of 2016. They later admitted to dating, as Calhoun demonstrated through numerous Instagram images. Kelly claims that they first connected backstage at one of his gigs.
Calhoun claimed, “We met at a concert in South Carolina.” We got all-access passes when I went with my mother, and that’s how it turned out. Several weeks later, Kelly and Calhoun were seen together at Atlanta’s Gold Room, where they posed for a picture that was posted on Calhoun’s Instagram. The text stated, “The realist,” and the picture showed them cuddling.

For three and a half years, Calhoun dated Kelly. “Very cool. It was unusual because of who he is, but like every relationship, there were ups and downs “She commented. “Being who he is exposes him to more scrutiny, more viewpoints, and the insane things that go along with it.” According to Calhoun, the age difference between Kelly and her was not as unusual as some people might have thought. People differ, she said, and age is just a number.

On several occasions, Kelly was charged with physically abusing Calhoun. The singer allegedly accused Calhoun of staring at another man during a show, and when she tried to punch him, he grabbed her by the neck and hurled her into a wall, according to TMZ. Several people saw the incident happen, including Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, who reported that the necklace Calhoun was wearing at the time was broken.

Kelly was claimed to have physically attacked Calhoun at least twice more, including slapping Calhoun in the face for watching a group of men enter a motel. In a statement to TMZ, the singer’s agents refuted the allegations and insisted that he is not a violent guy.

According to reports, Kelly assaulted Calhoun at least twice more, one slapping him in the face for glancing at a group of men entering a motel. The singer’s agents contacted TMZ to refute the allegations, saying that he is not a violent person. The spokesman added that if the allegations were accurate, a witness would have “recorded film and sold it long ago.”
At the time of the alleged incident, Calhoun was a resident of Kelly’s home, but at the end of 2017, the singer and the model called it quits. She has not addressed the accusations in public.
R. Kelly was charged with physical abuse by Calhoun in January 2019 when they were dating.