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Tinashe bringing the heat in her ‘All Hands On Deck’ Music Video

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Tinashe is bringing the fire, the fuel and the flames and you might want to recognize before you get burned. The 22 year old singer has dyed her hair dark and took to the screen to showcase her twerking skills in her latest music video. Now, she recently released her mixtape, however, she is still spitting fire with singles from her debut album, Aquarius, released last year.
The sultry performer sat down with Billboard and had the following to say about her latest drop:

I feel like when you put yourself in a borderline dangerous situation, exciting things can happen. That shock value is always what you want to go for in a memorable video. We were over 100 feet in the air with no safety harnesses. Literally, we could have died. It was a thrill to make and I’m so excited for my fans to see this video. We really stepped it up, visually.

Ok, Tinashe, work it out now!