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Studio Session | Nikki Blades Gets Cheeky For Her First-ever Lingerie Shoot

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Allow us to introduce our newest model crush, Nikki Blades.

Hailing from the great state of California by way of her Hawaiian,Chinese,Irish and Filipino ancestors, Blades, like many gorgeous girls before her, made a beeline for sunny beaches of Los Angeles to jump-start her modeling and television career.

When she’s not filling up her portfolio with sexy shots, she’s occupying bikinis or working on her “Nikki’s Street Eats project” She recently stood behind the lens of Van Styles for some sexy natural light shots.

Hear what Van Styles had to say:

“Having your own studio space for awhile enables you to to know it like the back of your hand. Being attentive to how the light falls through the windows at a certain time of the day to just know which spot will give you that right look you want in your photo.

When Nikki Blades came through the V/SUAL hq for a photo shoot in my studio I figured I would make use of some cool lighting with her. The sunlight was falling through the shades creating some awesome shadows and lines that I felt it was the perfect time to work with Nikki to put them to use. It is all about the small things that can make a photo”.













Nikki’s sunglasses were from the V/SUAL x Glassy collab.

For more about her you just have to stay tuned! Follow Nikki on Instagram @NikkiBlades , SnapChat and Twitter @Nkblades.