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Shots Fired….Young Thug & The Game Beef Followed By Death Threats !!!!

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Rappers beefing has seen a resurgence since the days of Nas and Jay-z… usually a few verse are thrown each others way before any of it gets serious. In the case of  The Game vs Young Thug in the word of the modern poet day OVO poet Drake “This $hit just went 0- 100 real quick…

California Rapper the Game  recently dared Young Thug to walk the streets of Los Angeles on stage at a concert, and Young Thug responded saying that he is on his way.

The West Coast rapper casted the first stone when he challenged Young Thug for dissing his close friend and former boss Lil Wayne.

During a nightclub performance  in New Orleans The Game called out Young Thug for constantly dissing and harassing Lil Wayne.

“I dared a pu*** ni*** to walk through California and say fu** Wayne,” Game yelled. “I will f— Young Thug up.”


Things took a turn for the worse when Young Thug posted a video of himself calling out Game for his tied to the bloods and crips gang and showing A loaded Gun in the Video clip .

Thug had this to say

“You used to be a crips now you a blood, so I don’t want no smoke with you,” Young Thug said in a video he uploaded to Instagram. He also called out Game for being a former Male stripper.