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Run me my money! Rich Dollaz owe 200K in Child Support!

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So, Rich Dollaz apparently is a little short in the finance department. Rapper and ex sugar daddy of Erica Mena, has been pulled not once, but twice for back pay in child support. The reported tab runs about $200K total. 
Rich Dollaz is a member of the Love and Hip Hop cast where we see his life glamorously play out on screen. Somehow, it wasn’t translating to reality. Perhaps there was a glitch in the matrix. Nonetheless, Chaundrea Nicole, the mother of a 14 year old girl the two share,  revealed that he has only seen the child once in life and has a tab of $188,000 alone for her.

While she’s a little salty about nonpayment she did make it clear that she wants the child and him to develop a bond.