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Pattygurl | Dominican Fitness Model Rosa Acosta Give Us Her Secret To Staying Fit

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The Dominican bombshell is back and in full effect, Model/actress Rosa Acosta is known for her amazing body and charming personality.

With a slew of credits from music video and television appearance and tons of covers and features in magazines like Smooth. Hell even XXL named her in 2012 the “Hottest Eye Candy of All Time.”

But nowadays she focused her attention on solely fitness training,health and wellness.

We ask Rosa what’s her secret to staying in shape

“I would love to tell you there’s a secret, or that I was blessed by god with an amazing body and I don’t need to go to the gym. But that’s not real. I have to go to they gym every day and watch what I eat. I’m a personal trainer. I sometimes take my friends with me, and they don’t really like it.The girl who worked out with me lost about 50 lbs. in the past year.

There’s no magic. It’s a commitment.”

She says ” I get disappointed when people ask for help and then when I actually take my time to train with them, they flake or they don’t want to push it to the next level. Or we work out for an hour, and then they Tweet a picture of burger they’re about to eat.”

Best of all, her Instagram is filled with jaw-dropping shots of those killer curves. Here’s are few snaps below:
What do you guys think is would you let Ms. Acosta be you trainer.