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Model Pixee Fox Takes Extreme Measures Removing Six Ribs To Look Like Her Favorite Cartoon Characters !!

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As the waist-training rage seems to come to a close, we are introduced to possibly a new freakish craze, designed to get that coveted tiny waist that almost all women, (myself included), so often dream of.

What new freakish craze?


Rib removal. Right. You heard me correctly, rib…removal.

Pixee before_363x646

Pixee Fox Before Plastic Surgery

Self proclaimed, ‘body modification’ model, Pixee Fox had six of her ribs removed in a surgery that she admits a few surgeons turned down. She, now after this surgery and a few other tweaks,  has not only an uber tiny waist,  but aparently she’s reached her goal of looking like a cartoon, a comparison she receives with pride.


Her before and after pictures look to be two totally diffetent individuals.


Wow. Pixee, girl, I think you’ve taken the cake.


Ladies, how far are you willing to go for the perfect body?