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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 4: “Masika vs. Nikki” And Yung Berg vs. Hazel-E’s its gets crazier!!!!

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The drama never ends.
Fizz and his amazingly patient girlfriend Amanda enjoyed a lovely boat ride where Fizz disclosed that he had spoken with his son’s mother about her blatant disrespect for Amanda. She was happy to hear that and admired the fact that he’d spoken up for her. BUT when he shifted gears a little and the topic of them moving in together, came up- things came to a bit of a halt. Although Fizz is excited about the possibility, Amanda doesn’t seem to be as excited. He applauded, her having stepped up to be a mother figure in his son’s life but still she’s a little hesitant about actually living as a family just yet.
Berg on the other hand, is doing the most at the ASCAP Awards. He graced the carpet with his “friend” Tatum. Yet, he made it very clear that they had been physical. Hazel- E took no break in finding her way on the carpet after being told by Berg it wasn’t good for his image to have a date. Well, she arrived on the scene along with Masika and ultimately in Berg’s face where she of course calls him out.
Finally, Apryl and Omarion…oh and his mom, Leslie. All i can say here is his mom has zero chill. She showed up to Apryl and Omarion’s baby shower, ready. Omarion was expecting, peace, Apryl was anticipating the drama and Leslie brought it. She made it very clear that she felt Apryl was “not ready” to be a mom, said she just didn’t look like the type to make “sacrifices”.
Well, clearly its a bit too late for that.
In case you missed it, watch the clips and take in the drama!